Friday, September 25, 2009

A Year has passed

Last weekend I organized the students and we headed to Betty's farm to hep her gather in the sheep. That was the first thing we did when we got here a year ago with Ima. This year, however, the weather was calm and even sunny at times - unlike last year's snowy pass and rain. I still stayed at the house with Zelia, which I fee sort of sad about. Jacob and 3 others went up into a bowl and around a mountain, others were driven further up or out to begin the round up. You would thinks dogs would help, but apparently not:) I was told there were 4 on horseback but they didn't bring them all the way in. It was a successful day and it was pretty neat standing outside in the field and all of a sudden seeing the sheep come in from 4 directions with groups of black specs (people) behind them converging on the sheep house. I got to do a few sprints running to ward off a sheep or two, sadly my attempts were unsuccessful but it felt so good to run like that.

We all headed into one of the farm houses for soup, bread, cheese, veggies and fruit. A well deserved lunch.

I hope we are able to bring the next crop of students there next year...

Here are also some pictures from Shabbat dinner the night before with Tray and some other random shots of Zelia playing.