Friday, October 1, 2010

Not Only has the weather been beautiful...

Although we have been batteling some colds this week, we have also been enjoying being outside quite a bit. The weather has been quite beautiful, sometimes cloudy, but really mild and not too much wind. The temperatures have been between 11 and 14 celsius and when the sun comes out - WOW. A few times this week Zelia, Lazer and I walked to meet Jacob at the gym, he would bring them home and I would run from there. The gym is right near the school and the playground, so one day we went when all the big kids were there. The kids were adorable, they all came over to see Zelia and gathered around Lazer, boys, girls, different was so cute. At first Zelia was incredibly shy but in about 10 minutes she finally went and played with the big girls who were ooggling over her. They mostly played on the half pipe. The kids were running up and sliding down, they helped her get up and would count and slide down with her. It was really fun to watch the whole interaction. The following day we went back but apparently too early to find all the kids there. So we played just the two of us and had a blast. She had told me that only the big kids could run up the pipe and sit but by the time we left she was doing it on her own as well.

Yesterday, at 4 when Jacob was finished with work it was so beautiful outside we all went for a long walk, about 4km. These pictures are from that walk. You can see the light has been very pretty, much lower in the sky and it has been giving me quite a cozy feeling. Can you make out the rainbow? When we got back we fell into our usual routine of making dinner and Zelia playing with Sarah. After dinner, however, both Zelia and Lazer got in the tub and Zelia thought it was great to have him in there with her. He loves the water and just relaxes and floats.

We are looking forward to a fun weekend. Tonight for Shabbat Olafia is coming and Danielle is coming for the whole weekend. Tomorrow we are off to Blönduós to do some shopping, maybe a new vacuum cleaner:) eventually, in the next few months, what we would like to get is some new furniture for our living room and make it cozy, fun. also Jacob is planning on cooking a hell of a brisket - oh yeah!

The video is of Lazer talking:)