Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Our Routine

Well, the light has been changing quickly and Jacob and Zelia's walk to school is practically in the dark (7:45 am). It feels wonderful at night to have such complete darkness...I, for one, truly miss the night during the summer and just cherish its return. We are now is a nice routine. Jacob takes Zelia to school, Lazer and I sleep, try to get some work done, workout, etc. Then we pick Zelia up at 12 and head home to meet Jacob and Sarah for lunch (but Sarah is leaving us tomorrow:( ) Zelia sleeps and then after some in door play time we walk over to Grunnskoli to the playground. We usually are there until Jacob finishes at the gym and then we trade. I go in and he takes the kids and heads home to make dinner. I get a nice walk home alone and we all eat together and begin the bedtime routine. It's been just lovely.

In the last few days the snow has begun and right now it is actually falling. The light is getting really low so it feels like early morning although it is already 10. I like how it looks, very soft and calm and sort of gray.

On Monday, Olafia met us at the library and helped us choose books for Zelia and she also read to her some. Zelia loved it as there were puzzles there! That is still the very big thing and she is now doing her 30 piece puzzles completely alone! the library is sweet, in the basement of
Fellsborg, and there is a small table for kids with some colored pencils, books and puzzles. We joined and got a tote bag to carry our books back and forth in:) This will now be part of our routine on Mondays and maybe Thursdays, especially as the weather gets colder. Although it will be fun to see if all the kids still come to the park when it is dark, I am sure that they do.

Jacob is enjoying work and looking to apply for a few grants this year which is exciting. I am getting ready for Friday's lecture at the university on Lonely Man of Faith. I am also beginning conversations with two dancers on separate collaborations and need to look into grants for those, busy times but good. Oh, also I will begin teaching dance to the younger kids as well on Fridays:)