Monday, October 4, 2010

Really is this an Icelandic October

What can I say it seems as if July has decided to come back and visit us. Aside from the strong wind today it is still sunny and quite mild, but this weekend really took the cake. We had temps in the 20's in the sun...enough to sit outside with shorts on and feel warm.

On Friday, Danielle decided to hop in the car and make the 3.5 hour drive from Olafsvik to us for the weekend. We had also invited Olafia to come and join us for Shabbat dinner. We were pretty busy making halla and cooking and also taking some time to play at the park of the school. There is a halfpipe there and Zelia loves to climb and slide down and hopes that there are other kids there. When they are they will help her and give her lots of attention.

We had a very late dinner as we waited for Danielle to come and ate well, chicken marbella, salad, the works. It was great to inroduce both Sarah and Olafia to Shabbat and I think that they both really enjoyed it. Zelia eventually headed to bed and for desert Olafia gave us a ponnukokur lesson, delicious!

We had a slow start on Saturday but eventually we made it out of the house. Of course not before Jacob got his brisket smoking. Sarah and Danielle took Zelia swimming in Blonduos - a big treat and Jacob, Lazer and I headed to Blonduos to the market and to buy a new vacuum - FINALLY. I came right home and vacuumed, ahhhhh. The weather was remarkable and Danielle, Lazer and I sat outside enjoying the warm sun, chatting and knitting. Once Zelia woke from her nap she joined and we all enjoyed the rest of the yummy blueberry juice Jacob had made.

We invited Johanna and her twins (just turned 10) Gulli and Birta for dinner. We had not seen them since before Lazer was born and it was about time! We ate well, brisket, corn bread, coleslaw, baked beans which were truly amazing and the kids had SO much fun playing together. They are incredibly sweet with Zelia and the Widgets (a new toy from Kathie) were a big hit!

On Sunday it was another beautiful day so we piled in the car and headed out for a hike up Spakonafell, the mountain we see from the kitchen. We began on a trail but quickly lost it. It was pretty dry and rocky but the mountain was green, red and brown. As we headed towards its base we found ourselves trudging through a marsh, blech - you should have seen Jack! Zelia hiked and hour of the hour and a half and had fun trying to find a few blueberries left on the bushes...some tasted like wine. I wore Lazer, who slept soundly the entire time. Jack ran circles around us and at the end ran straight up a cliff. It was wild to see, his front legs were working SO hard!

The week has started. I am preparing my lecture which I think will be Oct 20 at the University. Jacob and I are waiting to hear about a potential Icelandic class, and we have a pot luck with the artists on Thursday. The sun is still shining and the weather is unheard of.