Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Always Cooking

We left for Reykjavik last Thursday so that I could give a lecture at the University of Iceland in Gunnlaugar Jonsson's bible class. I had prepared Lonely Man of Faith and loved diving back into it. I have taught it many times to high school students, and everyone I have ever introduced it to just got some part of it immediately. I walked into the classroom and the seats had been placed in a square, as I had asked, to help with discussion. There were about 10 students, a range of ages but all smiling and super welcoming. Also my friend Shirley came which was super nice and gave me a friendly face right away. I think it was successful and that the students, not only learned something very different from what they are used to, but also something that spoke to them in a very deep way. I miss teaching!

The weather has now taken a turn for the worse and winter seems to be here. There are some mild days still but the wind blew in last night and will be staying through the weekend. Hopefully not too bad though since we are planning on driving to Isafjordur this weekend!

Yesterday was the first mommumorgun. There aren't many moms around and at home here, but a few. Only my friend Hugrun was there with me and the priest Ursula, whom I am so happy to have finally met. Hopefully next week there will be a few more moms!

I am working with three of my dancers to put together a small performance for Icelandic Language day. They have each chosen a piece of text and now we are working it into movement and performance. It was a lot of fun rehearsing with them on Monday night. I am having a hard time finding babysitters for when I am teaching, I hope it doesn't become too much of a problem, ugh. Off to dance!