Wednesday, November 3, 2010

The snow has come

Well we had a 3 day storm that has quieted down this afternoon. the storm came later than expected which worked out well for us as we had a planned a trip to Ísafjörður for the weekend.

We picked Zelia up from school on Friday and headed to Blönduós to do some errands, including buying fat from the slaughter house to make tallow for Gerður to make soap. Turns out we bought lamb fat and not cow it´s a no go. But hey next time and we will get some for ourselves as well and make some soap - FUN!

It was a long drive, about 6 hours to get there and we didn't have a lot of time there, but it was well worth it. Seeing good friends and just getting to hang out and relax was fabulous. I bought more yarn, got to talk with Gerdur, Gisli tried some hunting, we all played in the hot pot and ate delicious food together:)

Until today I had not gone outside since Monday evening. The winds have been blowing at 40 miles/per hour and more and the snow has been falling. I have no idea how much snow since it blows all over making drifts.

This morning I watched as Jacob drove the car over a nice one to get Zelia to Leikskoli, thankfully we have this new car! then Lazer and I hung out here is tlaking up a storm to the mobile...I always get the camera after it has all started, oh well....