Friday, November 12, 2010

Bizzards, Kindness and Murphy's Law

At around 5am on Monday morning the wind was howling and Jacob thought he would postpone his departure for Reykjavik in order to take Zelia to leikskoli. By 7, it calmed down a bit and we decided I could take them in the stroller and make it. To be honest, the walk there wasn't too bad, a few big gusts stopped me in my tracks but otherwise it was uneventful. The walk home without Zelia's weight was a bit more challenging, but again, nothing too bad. I had a babysitter come to be with Lazer while I went to the gym and picked Zelia up at 12. The rest of the day went well.

I had planned to take Lazer on Tuesday to the babysitter and go to the gym, but the wind was just too bad to walk the entire town more than once, so I canceled. After taking Zelia to school, I asked Halldor to borrow the work truck to go to Mommumorgun and pick Zelia up. He is a kind man and said yes, but he needed it back afterward. I should have left it and taken the stroller...hahaha. After picking Zelia up we took the car back to work and then I walked back across the field, wearing Lazer, carrying 2 backpacks, the car seat and holding Zelia's hand so that we would actually get back in less than 30 minutes! She was busy and happily eating snow. That evening Zelia had a total tantrum, like never before, over her she was missing Jacob. Of course Jack wanted to go out as well and the tub was already running. Jack was out, she was screaming, lazer was unsure of what was going on and Jack was barking to come in. So I go to the door and he thinks it's a game and as he runs, the rope snags and he gets loose, a sense of humor is key here. Underwear gets resolved, lots of hugs and she was in the bath. Some girls came to collect money for their confirmation class and I thought they might get Jack, but he wisens up to them and plays some more. Eventually he came in..too cold and windy outside - for a moment I was grateful for this weather.

Wednesday morning was alright and the walk to school was uneventful, we looked at the stars. By the afternoon when I took Lazer in the strolled to go and teach dance the wind was picking up, but we managed. At some point during our rehearsal Halldor walks in and asks how long we will be, that I can drive him to work and take his car. No, I said, don't worry, I walked here, he insisted, because he is a kind man :) and because he knew more than I did! Lazer was at Elna's house, we finished rehearsal, I took Halldor to work, got the car seat, went to the gym for a 10 minute run and Elna brought Lazer there for me to take him. The wind and snow have begun to gust and howl. Ha! I get him in the car, move things around so the stroller would fit, get in the car try to start it and's dead! OMG! I need to get Zelia and now what? I call Halldor and he asks, did you leave the lights on? Why yes, yes I did, so embarrassed. It did not even cross my mind that they were on to begin with and so many cars including ours go off automatically. We make a plan. I get the stroller and Lazer out of the car and walk to leikskoli. Halldor was going to come and jump it and leave it running for me. the wind is blowing strongly now but we make it. the teachers ask, did you walk??? In my terrible language skills I try to explain that the car died...wondering if the word for death is used in Icelandic in this case. Sesi said she would drive me but I said I could make it back to the sports' house...before I could even get both Zelia and Lazer in the stroller, Halldor comes around the corner with the car for us. If I could make angel music I would.

We got home and stayed in, this time Lazer broke down and cried from about 6-8:30...poor little man and his stomach. When they were both asleep I sat and knit and watched TV...ahhhhh. Over the night the wind picked up and was howling and by morning the blizzard was full on. I got the kids in the car and Zelia to leiskoli. It was a scary drive and there were a few times, in less than 1km, that I had to come to a complete stop since there was ZERO visibility. I wondered if I should continue with the plan for the day but decided that if the car couldn't pass I wanted to be with Zelia too. The whole thing is a bit funny because I am in a big, tall jeep with BIG ass tires. The plan was to take Lazer to Elna's at 10:30, go to the gym, get him and go to eat soup with Zelia at school....special day. I ran late to take Lazer, ran to the gym, ran 5km, showered and sweat the entire time I was getting dressed. I got Lazer and made it to school. Parents were there and Zelia and I were seated at our own table to eat some delicious soup and bread and butter. It was very sweet. Lazer woke as we were eating and Sesi came over and held him for a while which was great. As it was time for parents to leave lots of the kids began to cry of course, so did Lazer... I was trying to get Zelia dressed, me dressed and hold Lazer so he wouldn't scream while the teachers were dealing with the other kids and getting them to sleep...I only half succeeded. Thankfully, as I was walking out a mom of one of Zelia's classmates, carried Zelia to the car and I took Lazer. We drove home slowly and I parked the car on the grass in front of the house.

Zelia got into bed quickly, Lazer was crying but nursed and slept and I cried...what can you do, there are days like this, and loneliness was creeping in quickly. So, I happened to write a small sentence on facebook, "sucks to be home alone with two young children in this weather". Before I knew it my phone beeped with a text and later the phone rang and both Halldor and Sigga were right there to say hi and see if I was ok. This morning I woke up to another kind note from what can I say, people are amazing.

The weather is still really bad, but should be gone by tomorrow. This morning I just left Lazer at home with Jack! Ha! Crazy right??? Well, he was fast asleep and he would scream in the car at leikskoli when I took Zelia in so I figured, let him sleep and I will be back in 5 minutes if he is crying. He was sleeping when I returned and began coo'ing a few minutes later.

Needless to say, Jacob is not coming home today after all...not in this tomorrow.

In the midst of all of this I have been working furiously to write my grad school statement, thank you thank you thank you Haley...our days have been filled with intense conversations about Judaism and education, my head is spinning.

Today I begin teaching two new dance classes, this time to younger kids. Birta and Gudrun Anna will be coming to be with the kids and Silla and Katla will be helping me with the classes...excited, but not feeling prepared Icelandic wise.

Hopefully by tomorrow afternoon I will get some much needed TLC.