Monday, November 8, 2010

chicken pox, 3 months and a fabulous weekend

On Tuesday I saw a few spots on Zelia, I thought her underwear had pinched her. On Wednesday evening she had several more, so I called Sigga and Zelia stayed home on Thursday and saw the doctor. He confirmed chicken pox, but my golly, the best kind ever! No fever, no itchiness, this is the way to do it. She stayed home Friday as well, feeling great and playing all day.

Caitlin, Maik and Felix came Friday evening from Reykjavik to spend the weekend with us. We had Lazer in their apartment in Reykjavik...which they are moving out of in a few weeks. We had a wonderful time with them, playing and chatting, drinking Jacob's blueberry wine and eating his delicious sour dough bread. They brought a blueberry marinaded lamb for Saturday night and we truly feasted. The kids took a bath together and played with the toys and listened to stories. It was very sweet.

Friday was November 5 and Lazer was 3 months!!! Man, he seems older than Zelia and in a way he is. She was born about 2 weeks before her due date and he was born in the week after maybe it is not JUST our imagination. Here is is talking away in the video.

Jacob left this morning for Reykjavik for a course in R Statistics and he will be gone until Friday evening. It's the first time he has left since Lazer's birth and so far so good. Thankfully the wind died down so we could take the stroller to leikskoli this morning. There is ice on the roads and sidewalks making it a bit tricky but we managed. At least the wind didn't blow us over!

In a few Karen is coming to be with Lazer so I can head to the gym to run. I am feeling pretty proud as I am running 6 kilometers about 3 times a week!

I am also working now on my statement for Northeastern and working with Becca and Katri on our collaboration so we can begin applying for grants as well. Lots of exciting things happening.