Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Crazy Wind

When we came back from Nupur we started to unpack and look through all the goodies Aba brought for us - snow shoes, yay, thank you Terri! We had already discovered the maple syrup and candies and enjoyed them thoroughly in Nupur. The packages for Zelia we put aside for her actual birthday, but we did open one. Check out the pictures of the cutest overalls EVA, made by none other than Ima. We love them! here's to never buying clothes again, heeheehee.

Monday, Aba and I took Zelia on the bus (straeto) to the dagmamma and stayed with her for about an hour until Jacob showed up. I went to work and then two of them walked her to sleep, left her at the dagmamma and went for a hike. an hour later they returned very wet and pretty tired. Zelia survived the hour, with some tears, some playing and lots of hugs for shafan (her bunny). I met them back at the bus stop and aba and I took her to her 1 year check up with the midwife (I LOVE this country). Zelia is doing well, growing, weighs just under 11 kilos and is 70 centimeters long. She didn't get any vaccinations because she wanted to check with the doctor - she has had some that they give, not others, so between our list and theirs it will get resolved. Mainly they might need to order a HIB, since they give the HIB with Polio and Dtap(which she has had).

After the doctor Aba joined us for Icelandic class and as many of you have already guessed he knows quite a bit! Zelia slept through the entire class and we came home for a delicious steak dinner!

This morning Jacob dropped Zelia off and Aba and I went to get her an hour later. She did alright, didn't scream the whole time and seems to be getting used to it there. Tomorrow, Jacob will take her, we will come 2 hours later to walk her to sleep and then go for a hike. We'll see how it goes.