Sunday, February 8, 2009

One step at time

Here are some winter views of Isafjordur. I realized last week as we were walking to Bonus that it had been a while since I sent pictures of the town, the snow, the light. we even got to see a pretty sunset....

then there are some pictures with the blue sky and sun, taken on an afternoon walk on another day.

Zelia LOVES to play in this cabinet and I am sure that if there were no shelves she would happily climb in for a while.

The week was pretty rough as she was sick for most of it and missed going to the dagmamma twice, and her swimming classes. Needless to say I have not gotten much sleep and Zelia would really like to be able to breath freely again.

Yesterday, we made a plan with Traian to go snow shoeing. We borrowed snow shoes from Katri and Jukka, wrapped Zelia up on Jacob's back and headed out. This was the first time we got her on our backs sing the wrap and were very happy with it. It felt good on the back and Zelia slept comfortably for most of the walk. Plus we could pull the cloth up and over her head - bonus!

We walked along the road for a while and then headed up the mountain. It was incredibly steep in places and was very hard work, not to mention slow going. But the view was beautiful and the company great. It was hard and at time the only thing that kept me going was thinking "One step at time" - Many of you will know this phrase, let me know when you remember where it is from:)

The mounds you see are avalanche barriers - I had no idea what they looked like from behind...

The final pictures are of the monkey climbing around the house. her favorite place to climb right now, is over the arm rest of the couch onto the window sill in the living room. CRAZY!!!!