Sunday, February 15, 2009




Aba arrived in Iceland on Saturday morning without any delays and was in Isafjordur 3 hours later!!! We whisked him away to Bonus, then home to repack and then into the rental cal to head to Nupur. Poor guy was exhausted!!!! We arrived in Nupur a bit before Gisli and Gerdur and began getting things upstairs into the apartment. I have written about Nupur before, it used to be a boarding school and now is run as a hotel in the summer by Sigi, who works for the University Centre. Apart from having dorm rooms they have an apartment with a kitchen so that's what we wanted. Once we got in we put some veggie soup on and and had a lovely lunch together. In order to make food for the two days we headed down to the big kitchen to stock up on kitchen supplies:)

after lunch, we suited up and went on a great hike. Check out these photos for where we were walking. Zelia slept through almost all of the hike. The views were amazing, but sadly there was rain and warm weather so the snow was quickly melting:( The moss was green and plentiful and there were still berries on the blue berry bushes - they didn't taste good though, as you can imagine.

We headed back for some home made hummus, ricotta and gin and tonics as we prepared dinner. Steaks, monk fish, salad and a delicious cake with caramel sauce and whipped cream. I went to put Zelia to sleep and Jacob, Gisli and Aba headed outside to look at the stars in the clear night sky. I fell asleep and unfortunately missed what was, apparently, the most spectacular northern lights show!!!! I did get to see a bit toward the end though. It was the best I had seen eve if not what they had seen.

We slept until about 9, had a great American breakfast of pancakes and bacon, yummm. We packed up and went looking for snow to ski, not an easy search in this weather...We headed up a mountain pass, put on our skis, got Zelia in the most amazing Norwegian sled, where she was snuggled into a reindeer skin and down sleeping bag - not bad. We were on the mountain for about 2 plus hours and then headed back for an Icelandic lamb soup!

The weekend was fabulous, and being with Gisli and Gerdur was a blast - hope it was a good introduction to Iceland for Aba.