Sunday, February 22, 2009

i pottini og porroblot preparations

After Aba left on Saturday morning, we all headed back to bed and watched LOST. It was so nice to take a little nap. Jacob woke and made bread and then we ran some errands while Zelia slept some more. After the shopping we headed to Gisli and Gerdur's to say hello and check out the preparations for the last Poroblat (pronounced Thoroblot).

I wrote about one a while ago, misunderstanding that it was something only for 10th graders and their parents...It basically runs through the month of Feb, but really the Viking lunar month named Porir. Blat is a feast of the gods. These meals are made of all the traditional foods, flat wheat cakes, boiled lamb's head, smoked lamb (hangikjot), sheep's' testicles (basically pickled in sour whey called Misa) and other innards...we were invited.

When we got there Gisli was making his famous wheat caked and gerdur was in the outdoor hot pot. She said, grab a suit from upstairs and join me - so I did!. It was drizzling a bit, but the mountains still had a little snow and the view was great. Eventually Zelia woke and so she joined us in one of her new birthday hats! She loves it in there and really liked being passed back and forth in the water.

We headed home for Jacob to finish his rye bread, hung out a bit and returned....
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