Sunday, February 8, 2009

A New Sled!

While looking through the extra room in our place Jacob found some cross country skis for me and a sled. Not long later, we saw Katri and Pyry walking by our window - Pyry was being dragged happilly in his sled. a while back Katri mentioned t was too small for him and that we could have it when they leave. Instead we did a trade - perfect.

gisli and /gerdur, who had been over for dinner on Friday (Delicious, hallah, creamed spinach, plokkfiskur (fish/potato/rue stew) and chocolate cake) said that we could go with them today across the fjord to the flea market. We had seen it was happening before but had never been. So, we piled in the car and headed out. We walked into a renovated barn that was set up with tables for coffee and cakes, the through a door where about 5 people had set up tables selling various things. We did get two pairs of tights for Zelia, and some wool socks for her, a toaster oven for Danielle and two dinner sized plates for us! Afterward, we put Zelia in her sled and she was thrilled!!!!! It was SO fun to watch. We walked to see the Icelandic ponies and then down to the shore - so beautiful.

After borrowing their car to go to Bonus we were invited in for waffles and smoked tongue - Zelia LOVED it!!!!