Saturday, January 31, 2009

Weekend, January ends


I am adding some photos here, some from a while back. The first group are from a protest in town, protesting the government. I had mentioned that there were weekly protests against the government.

There are pictures from the mommumorgun as well....

Then there are some pics from being at the dagmamma, Zelia loves Aron!!!! The little car is a hit.

Finally, we went with Katri and Pyry to the playground for the first time. Zelia was all bundled up in her snow suite and boots and we headed out.
I walked to their house and from there we went to the playground by the church. We headed right to the swings and Zelia had her first swinging time. At first, she seemed to not know what to think and would watch Pyry laugh, but eventually she relaxed and smiled and did her silent laugh. After that she got down on all fours and explored for a bit. Once back in the stroller she was having a sweet nap outside until a dog ran by and barked...oh well.

Jacob just walked in after skiing this morning. He said it was fabulous, put the skins on his skis, climbed and telemarked down, not bad exercise!

Yesterday was a great day for Zelia. We spent the 4 hours with Inga, where she took a short nap and ate a ton of grapes and some ham. Then Jacob took her swimming which was great and then headed asleep to Icelandic class.

Afterward, we were invited to Lisbet's house for ponnukokur which was a lot of fun. It's a beautiful little red and white house, one of the older houses in town. We all sat in a small kitchen hanging around the table eating pancakes with jam and whipped cream. There were 8-10 adults and several kids all just hanging out, playing with balloons and musical instruments. A Fabulous evening.

She fell fast asleep on the way home and we had a nice dinner with Tanja - she slept well after such a day!