Monday, January 26, 2009

Happy Chinese New Year

Well, we had our second performance of BAK with a bigger audience and great feedback. It's always so weird when it is all over. Katri and I were wondering how much time will pass before we feel like we need to work again. We are guessing two weeks:) Of course, we will have to keep this concert in our bodies if we end up taking it anywhere. It was a great weekend, a very tiring week, but we broke down the theater and left incredibly satisfied.

Jacob left right away and to finish cooking his Chinese bbq pork to take to Tanja's. I made it home in time to try a few nibbles, hang out with Zelia and watch a little TV - can you believe it? Dagbjort had been with Zelia and apparently she cried much of the time. Poor girls, both of them. She wrote to me today though saying that she likes to be with her so it's ok is she cries sometimes. She is so sweet.

Anyway, we headed to Tanja's and there was a feast cooking. She had clearly been working VERY hard. there were plates coming out of homemade dumplings/potstickers, egg drop soup (made by Danielle), cucumber salad, a whole fish, a green salad, another sort of Italian empanada like thing stuffed with potatoes (brought by Christian, and Italian:) For dessert there was battered and pan fried rice cake, so delicious and red beans with coconut milk an sugar, yummmy. Zelia ate almost everything which was so nice to see. As the youngest one there she was given the cheek of the fish, the best meat, and of course she gobbled it up!!!! It was a really nice gathering of people and we had a great time.

This morning, Jacob has gone to swim and I am up getting ready for work. In a minute I will need to wake Zelia. Her schedule will need to change to an earlier wake up and bedtime but then again a lot is changing this week. Jacob will be taking Zelia to Inga to the dagmamma (in home day care) to be with her there for a few hours. hopefully it will go well, plus he'll get a feel for the place and let her know what's what with Zelia. Then when I am done working I'll take her and he'll go to class. Tomorrow I will take her.

We will update you on how it all goes.