Thursday, January 15, 2009

Birthday #33 - no one got in or out all weekend - including my present!!!

So, life is a bit busier at the moment as I have begun a new job at the University Centre and have a concert to prepare for. I will find time today to try tp update the blog:)

Last Friday, January 9th was my birthday. It was a nice day and in the evening we had many of the students over and also Katri and family. I asked Jacob to make this meat soup I really like, Danielle made a salad and Gerdur made her delicious sweet potatoes. I also made hallah and chocolate cake - perfect!

It was a pretty early night although we all enjoyed a drink or two. Everyone brought some alcohol back with them and Jacob made a real daiquiri, run, sugar and lime juice, yummmmmm. At some point it began to snow and it made us very happy.

On Saturday I went to the studio to get in white body paint for the 3rd day with Katri for Jukka's film. Jacob and Zelia hung out. After the filming Tanja came by and took more photos to get a poster together. We came up with a great idea and you can see it here. Things here tend to go pretty last minute which makes Katri and I a little uncomfortable but we are doing what we can with it. Hopefully the posters are printed now and I will be able to pick them up before meeting Katri. As to our duet, it keeps evolving and becoming more clear which is a great thing. The music has been chosen and now then end keeps developing and getting richer, ahhh, it is SO satisfying.

On Sunday morning we woke to even more wind and snow although we couldn't tell where it was all going. It had been snowing for 3 days but with almost on accumulation. The wind was blowing it around SO much. Jacob and I woke at 9ish and Zelia just kept sleeping and sleeping. At 10:30 we thought to go in and gently wake her, which we did, but in the process we laid down and felt sleepy. So then for the next hour and a half Jacob slept, I was in and out and Zelia was on the bed sticking her fingers in Jacob's ears and nose:) We all got up at noon!!!! After some breakfast we headed out with the gang. They were all going to go and ski and we walked to Bonus of course! We bundled up as it was -4 (Celsius) and I laughed, we were dressed as if it had been -4F - far from it!!!! The walk was alright and Traian joined us for the way. Zelia slept the entire time and woke at some point while we were shopping. On the way back the weather had gotten considerably worse and it was hard work. here we were pushing a stroller heavy with Zelia and the groceries through snow drifts in wind and icy snow that made us look down the entire time. Thankfully Zelia fell back asleep and wasn't screaming! We made it home with some good exercise:)

Since Friday night, we had been waiting, with anticipation for my birthday/Jacob's Hannukah gift from Baki and Angie. Something was coming, by plane, from Reykjavik!!!!!!

But it didn't arrive on Monday....

We did have our first Icelandic class though. We mostly worked on the computers doing vocabulary games which felt great to be exposed to LOTS of new words and just begin to think again about the language. Then that evening I went to knitting, where I had to take out what I had done for Zelia's dress, ugh, and was able to practice speaking some more.

then it was Tuesday and the present didn't arrive....

but we rehearsed and worked on the posters furiously, back and forth all day and evening on email, trying to find a printer and fix the formatting. As we were heading out for a night time walk, we thought to see if Gisli and Gerdur wanted to join us. As we were walking to their house we saw them returning from the store and Gerdur did join us for a short little walk.

Then Wednesday, still no package, alert Baki, Baki gets to work on it

We rehearsed early and then I went to mommumorgun and got to see Sunna and others which was really nice. I let everyone know about the concert and the pilates teaching will begins next week, this time in the afternoons! The last touches were being made on the poster and a printer was found.

Thursday, I picked up the posters and post cards and they looked great, headed to rehearsal and then to teach yoga at school. While there Baki texts - GO TO AIRPORT TO GET PACKAGE TIME SENSITIVE!!!! I leave yoga, borrow Jukka's car and drive in Iceland for the first time to the airport to get the package - wow an adventure.

I pick it up and on the package it says Gallery kjot - MEAT!!!!!!! Wow, real red meat, a box full of beautiful cuts of meat, unbelievable. I get it home and stick a thermometer in and they are not quite cool anymore, uhoh. emails and phone calls and a little research...RESULTS: A whole new box will arrive next week, they will call the cell phone to tell us which flight it will be on. We cook the meat to well done (the warmth does not make the meat dangerous, just lowers the quality, huh, who knew!!!) Last night, with Baki speaking with us through the computer we enjoyed an amazing piece of fillet, well done, but SO tender, even Zelia could work through her small pieces. and by the way, she couldn't get enough!!! Wow. Now that was GOOD.

THANK YOU BAKI AND ANGIE. You guys do amazing things:)