Monday, January 26, 2009

Government Collapse

I have received several emails today about the government collapse today. First things in Isafjordur are very quiet and it seems that mostly people are happy to not be in the thick of things. there have been large protests all through last week, paint thrown on the parliamentary buildings, etc. It is being called the kitchen revolution because people are banging on their pots and pans. We were also told today that the majority of the people protesting are those who are not working for various reasons (but not those who lost their jobs recently due to the crisis...) Our Icelandic teacher said, 'we are happy to watch it on TV." Here there have been quiet protests weekly in the town square and last night there was a music concert at the church either in protest or solidarity with folks in Reykjavik.

They had called for elections in May yesterday, but that wasn't soon enough for the people. Now it is unclear what will happen, whether the government will try and rebuild a coalition or maybe have new elections. The Minister of Commerce stepped down today so we'll see if more follow. Also the Foreign minister and Prime Minister have cancer so things are not going well for them.

Aside from this, some people in Reykjavik have also found time to protest Israel and Iceland refused a visit from Israel to explain the Israeli side of the story. I wrote in response to a newspaper article in an English online paper to support Israel, for whatever it is worth.