Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Back at Home and catching up

Well, we are back after our vacation and are so happy. It was wonderful to get to see everyone, to play in the sun and now we are all TIRED!

Anyway, I am going to work from when we left and begin writing and posting - it has been a long while!

The last week of class Jacob had a field trip to two fish factories. What several places are doing is drying out the entire fish carcass and shipping them to Nigeria where they are used for soups, etc. It's a great use for something that used to just be tossed - the downside??? The smell!!! It is horrendous to walk by one of these places. Jacob and other said they thought they would vomit in some of those drying rooms, ich. Here are some pics:)

The night before we left Isafjordur we had a REALLY nice meal with Gisli and Gerdur. Danielle came with, Jacob made a BIG pot of delicious turkey soup and when we arrived there were more people there. Zelia had a blast climbing the stairs and watching the older children. We had one of the most delicious chocolate cakes ever!!!

We came back and finished packing. Zelia had fun in the suite case:) Anyway, We woke on Saturday morning, finished packing and got on the road. Actually Jacob had to make 2 trips to the hotel with our bags since we had so many and then we went to the bakery and had some to chocolate and some goodies:) the weather was calm and we were ready to fly to Reykjavik.