Monday, January 26, 2009


January 25th is when the sun hits the first settlement in Isafjordur for the first time after two months and as a tradition ponnukokkur, pancakes are eaten. They aren't the American thick pancakes, but much more like a crepe made in a pan just for them. We are going to buy one.

Today at work and also school for Jacob we were served these pancakes, which on this day at least are served with whipped cream and jam. Otherwise they are delicious with just a little bit of sugar and rolled up. We ate our share. But in the homes each house will make them when the sun hits their specific house. I think this is one of the nicest traditions I have heard of. We must try and do it as well:)

Jacob took Zelia to her dagmamma, Inga, and it went well. She seemed to be unphased by our cloth diapers and no sugar request and pretty happy to hear how well she eats. Zelia played for a while and Jacob sat in the next room. he did say that she would crawl into that room every so often to check that he was there:) Tomorrow morning I will take her. Jacob also said tat taking the bus was a breeze!

It is 5:30 and there is still light in the sky!!!!

Icelandic class was great today. I asked about going through the alphabet which was very helpful. For instance there is no C in this language and we had not noticed. the funniest thing though is that when the teacher began singing it, like in English (same tune) she sang with the C!!!