Sunday, January 18, 2009

Longer Days and a blue sky

Yesterday, Zelia and I walked out of the house a little before 1pm, and it was beautiful outside. The sky was a white-ish blue with some clouds and the sun is beginning to creep down the mountain. In one week the sun will hit us directly again and we are ready to welcome it. It was calm out and the water glassy. After rehearsal with Fridrik, Jacob and I walked to borrow Jukka and Katri's car, it was 3:30 and there was still full light. It's amazing how quickly it all changes!!!

Right now it is Sunday morning 9:50am and there is light in the sky already. Jacob and Zelia are in the living room listening to "Little Liza Jane." Today Jacob is working on drift nets and I have rehearsal at 1. This evening we are heading to Gisli and Gerdur's for a student dinner.

So, I thought it was probably time for a Zelia update - she will be 11 months on Tuesday. We also begin swimming that day! she remains pretty uninterested in toys, although shafan, Ug and her buba (The one MamaZ got her) make her smile. she pulls them close and says "ooo" when she hugs them and sometimes gives them a good bite! A ball can interest her for about 30 seconds, but better are the rings that stack. She likes to crawl around with them in her hands. In the bathroom she pulls up on the tub and pushes anything on the edge right inside and when she can't reach something she gets on her tippy toes and grunts/screams.

Last night was a rough night. She began coughing and eventually it made her throw up - luckily I had just washed the sheets:) They are in the wash again...

She loves grapes right now and still loves roasted broccoli and cauliflower. She will almost never refuse bread and enjoys pieces of meat here and there. For breakfast - eggs, hers and ours!

She weighs about 22 pounds.