Sunday, January 25, 2009

BAK Premier and more

Well, last night we opened BAK and it was great! We are so happy with the performance, the flow of the evening and the feedback was VERY positive. Actually the head of the theater was so moved that she wants to send the show to Reykjavik - wow, wouldn't that be amazing????

This afternoon we have another performance and we hope we get more people than last night, maybe the word got around. the performance begins outside of the theater, so I began in that place last night and Katri inside, today we switch roles. An added perk is that across from the theater is a cafe/bar and someone from in there saw something happening and then came to watch the rest:)

It has been a really busy week for all of us which is always a bit stressful but that's what happens leading up to a show.

The weather here has been dramatic, lots of wind mostly and we have had some power outages. the generator has helped but people actually have to go up into the mountains in this weather and fix the lines, ugh. Not an easy job. Yesterday we were having rolling black outs and Margret (the head of the theater) put in a request that they not roll the theater until well after the show. We had power the whole evening:) Not many planes have come and gone either, but today three planes are arriving, one will bring the next Professor for Jacob's program. One plane came in on Friday as well and we got our meat - yay.

I have been working more and more and they are finding plenty for me to do. On Friday I went to work earlier, from 8-12, and at 9:45 I was told there was a coffee. Always at that hour, the "house" provides coffee, tea, cheese, crackers some cookies for the staff and everyone sits together and enjoys. I was really busy and didn't go right away and then when I walked by it was too intimidating to walk in - next time. Actually I do know that some offices have bought this time back from the workers, but there has been quite a down side, a lot of work communication used to happen during this time and they realized that without it a lot of information was not being disseminated as before. Interesting.

Yesterday, before I headed to the theater, Jacob, Zelia and I went to Stephan's firs birthday party. It was great to see Sunna, it has been a while and it was just really nice to be there. I wish we didn't need to go so quickly as it would have been nice to meet and talk with more new people. Although, we have a birthday party of our own to think about:)

Another thing I learned about is called, "Þorrablót". Which is a celebration for the tenth graders. They eat traditional Icelandic food and the parents put on a show for their kids and they have a dance together. isn't that nice???

Ok, I have to cut this short, I am off to the theater.

Happy Chinese New Year!!!! We are celebrating tonight at Tanja's house.