Sunday, March 29, 2009

Beginning of March snow

Just because I never got around to posting these, here they are. We had a TON of snow in the beginning of March and about a week ago I would have written how mild it had become, with temps about 5...but this morning we woke to a blizzard! Oh yes, a total white out. This is actually very good because Easter is coming up and there are many planned ski activities over that weekend and snow is necessary. So, when we actually get out and take pictures of this storm we will post them. The wind is high like it was for the early March storm but from a different direction. The snow drifts are further from the house.... Oh there are also some pictures here of the boat in the harbor that sank, ugh....and a picture of Tanja, not to mention of course the monkey at home and her favorite cat, who lives upstairs.

We are planning Pesach these days and our small gathering has grown as it should and always does:)