Sunday, March 1, 2009

bonus and snow shoeing

Yesterday was a beautiful day from the get go. The sun is coming up around 8:30 now and it is light until almost 8pm!!! The sky was blue with very few clouds. We decided to make an earlier trip than usual to Bonus. Danielle and Tanja joined us and we met Traian there. Here are several shots of the town and mountains.

When we returned, I had the unusual treat of meeting Katri for lunch in Edinborg with no one else - just an adult, girls lunch. It was great to see her and it has felt odd not seeing her daily!!! We talked about trying to take the show to Reykjavik so now we have to make some calls and see what happens.

When I returned from lunch we were getting ready to head to the cross country ski area to snow shoe, with David (from Switzerland here working on a tunnel - we met in our Icelandic class), Tanja, Katri, Jukka, Pyry, Jacob and Danielle. Actually, Danielle was going to ski and Jacob and Tanja were telemarking. Anyway, I had never been up to the mountain and it was fabulous! The track is beautiful and the view, wow. Jacob pulled Z up on her sled until she began to fall asleep and then I put her on my back for the rest of the climb and the way down. It was hard work, but really great. We came back for some hot chicken soup.

Today, we are relaxing in the house, and I am going to make a sugarless cake with parsnips and dates - we'll see if it's any good:)