Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Mala - Spring Equinox

Sometimes last week I realized that the Equinox was upon us and I quickly sent an email to Martha, another yoga teacher in Isafjordur. She is also, by the way, an Olympic marathon runner for Iceland.

When I was living in Panama I took part in a tradition, now I know, named a Mala. You come together at the Equinox, solstices, etc and do 108 sun salutations! Why 108? There are 108 Mala beads in both Buddhist and Hindu tradition. And there are many other reasons why 108 is sacred...

Martha was ready and excited and we planned to have this Mala, the first ever in Isafjordur :) at her studio at 10pm.

All day I was so excited.

Jacob and I headed to the studio, with Zelia sleeping in the stroller a bit before 10. About 20 people came and we just went for it. I had two bowls in front of me and in 1 there were 108 beads which I moved one at a time after each sun salutation. Before we began, I introduced our angel cards and offered everyone one so they could use it as a focus for the hard work/meditation ahead. For me, at least, it was incredibly helpful, especially since I got laughter...and you certainly need a good sense of humor for this kind of physical work. The whole thing was faster than we had expected and in a way faster than I had wanted, but it took on an energy of its own....We finished in about an hour and closed with incredibly strong om's - it was powerful.

Afterward we sat for some tea and a little healthy snack.

It was a success and people felt really good and energized (really sore on Sunday). the next one will be outside in a garden in the light of the middle of the night:) I can't wait.

A great gift for Jacob and me - Zelia slept through so we could just be present in that space with the other courageous folk who came out for the Mala.