Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Part 2: Terri's visit

Well, part 1, will follow part two - that's how it goes.

When we returned from Reykjanes it was a beautiful day and after unpacking the groceries and the bags, Jacob went outside to look at the backyard and see what was there. We got Zelia all dressed and headed out, a little spring fever hit. There wasn't much to do yet, but we thought about where to plant a garden when it is time and Zelia had fun with the basketball. here is a photo of our compost - we will have some great soil! Since we wanted to stay out a little more we walked to the park around the corner and Zelia went on the see-saw for the first time! Seemed to enjoy it:)

Zelia loves to floss as I mentioned before, here she is trying it herself:)

These are the sweaters I made for Lauren and Angie for their birthdays - they are on their way to the States with Terri!!!!

Monday and Tuesday were nice days, I went to work, Jacob took Zelia to dagmamma which is getting better and better and she is slowly spending more time there. In the afternoons Terri and I would take a walk - twice to the hospital and old folk's home to check on vaccinations and buy the wool underwear - yay, now we have all sizes.

On Tuesday we had a delicious lunch at the hotel and for dinner a sheep's head for her to try.

I will write about the weekend later....