Monday, July 6, 2009

Dennis and Riri´s (Marie) Visit

I have so much catching up to do on the blog I have to rack my brain to think about where I left off. Aha, Dennis and Marie´s visit to Iceland. What a great trip!
We picked them up on Wednesday night at the airport, dropped them at their hotel and then met them at our house for a drink with Gisli, Gerdur and Tomas. We were on our way to the Tarhouse for a delicious meal. Hey, when the best restaurant in town, maybe Iceland, is open only in the summer you have to go as much as possible. It was a long dinner which began with a fish soup (I think more of a bisque) that had fish and shrimp in it. We ordered three fresh fish: spotted wolf fish, monk fish and halibut. Basically they bring you a list of fish and tell you which ones they have that day, which means they were caught that day! And then you wait and the chef prepares them as he chooses and they come out in large pans and put on the table. The first fish we had, the wolf fish, was served in a sweet chili sauce, The halibut was pan seared and the monk fish was served in a creamy mushroom sauce. Each dish also had little potatoes, tomatoes and some salad in the pan. It was really delicious. That night there were also cakes for desert, so we had several, rhubarb, chocolate and, hmmmm, I forget.

On Thursday morning Jacob had Zelia for an hour while I worked and then I took her. We decided to go for a walk into town and figured eventually we would find Dennis and Marie. As we walked past the bakery, Marie ran out to get us. So we all had some coffee and a bite together. As they went to get their things together I bought sandwiches for the road and a bananareluterta ( a cake they make that I had been wanting to get for a while!). Back at the house, we waited for Jacob to finish class and we walked around some more. Once Jacob finished, we packed the car and headed to Gerdur´s store for a coffee and ponnukokur with whipped cream and rubarb jam – delicious! And we hit the road. We drove south, through Þingeyri to Dynjandi waterfall, where we got out, ate lunch and hiked. It was a very nice day out and we could look out over the fjord. Then back in the car we went over a large pass and got to Flokalundur, the hotel at a nature reserve. After checking in and putting on our bathing suites we headed to find the hot pot on the beach. It was fabulous – not as hot as we would have liked but what a view!!!! Zelia took to Riri right away and was having so much fun looking for her and holding her hand. It was still touch and go with Grandpa.

Back at the hotel and showered we got ready for dinner. Nothing very good, but it was food. Zelia was asleep for some of it, but eventually woke and joined us. After dinner we went into the lounge to eat our special desert. At one point Jacob mentioned banana and Zelia said – anana- slid off my lap and walked toward the kitchen. Jacob went with her and they came back with a banana, which she promptly ate! Hah! We eventually fell asleep in the bull daylight. Jacob and Dennis woke early and headed to a lake to do some fly fishing. Once Zelia and I woke and showered we played outside, it was a REALLY beautiful sunny day. Jacob came back with a beautiful char!!! We had breakfast together and continued our drive, heading to Reykjavik. On the way we stopped at a little gas station and market where Jacob graved his char so that there would be gravlax for breakfast the next morning. The drive is certainly long and we were all very happy when we finally arrived at the guest house! We rented a great 2-bedroom apartment and after settling in heading out to Laugarvegur, the large shopping street so that Dennis and Marie could get a look, we would could walk off long drive and eventually find some dinner. Zelia enjoyed walking most of that time, through the crowded street We walked into a few really great boutiques and checked out the Icelandic designs and then we ended up eating at an Italian restaurant and it was delicious. Once back in the apartment we hing out, watched Zelia be a goof sitting in the bookshelf and were just able to relax and hang out.

In the morning we were able to do the same thing which was perfect. Eat some gravlax and eggs and yogurt and muesli, sit around, pack up and head to the Blue Lagoon!!!!! Wow, even my third time was fabulous. I just love it there. We spent about an hour or so in the water wondering around looking for the hot spots. Chatted with some Americans and then tried to find some food. Dennis, Marie and I really wanted to have something more than a sandwich since there is no food served on the plane. We ended up driving through the lava fields to a town which was clearly the American officers base. The streets were wide, there were lawns and American looking houses. We stopped at a gas station/grill and had what turned out to be some very good fish and chips, bought some sandwiches for the flight and headed to the airport. It was so nice to not have to fly alone. We hung out in the airport did some shopping and were on our way. Luckily a very nice man moved so that we could all sit together. Zelia had a blast playing with Riri and even sat on Grandpa´s lap!!!! Then she slept for the second half of the flight.

It was a great trip – come back soon!