Friday, July 24, 2009

Jacob's 32 birthday

All I can say is that it was a huge success and a truly fun evening.

Jacob worked his butt off making a bbq feast for 15 people. I made the ice cream cake. We set all the chairs and table outside and Henry helped cut the wood for the fire. One by one everyone came, Aude, Siggi and Herdis, Gerdur, Gisli, Katrin Maria and Tomas, Henry and Danielle, Tanja, Astrid and Traian, David and Albertina. We hung out, drank beer, ate very very well and ate every last bite of ice cream cake.

Jacob got a whipped cream maker (like everyone has here), an immersion blender, a beard trimmer (he took it off that morning!!!!!), a beautiful mug made by Loa, a local potter, the salt fish book from the festival we went to and a book about Icelandic fishermen - all very cool.

It was a really wonderful celebration of a pretty amazing year!