Friday, July 17, 2009

Harry Potter the Half Blood Prince

I know, I know - I owe pictures and description of our camping trip last weekend to Látrabjarg, but since it hasn´t happened I am writing a little note about last night.

I joined Albertina and Danielle at the movies. I have not been to the movies since Father´s Day last year when we saw Indiana Jones, so just a little over a year!

Danielle and I walked over at 7:45 and met Albertina there. The movie theater is great, small, adorable, seating downstairs and in the balcony. The seats are read and comfortable, even supporting the head. The theater was almost full, mostly with kids all there on their own, with friends.

I wonder if they know this is such a great way to grow up. half way through the movie there was a little break, most of the people ran to Hamraborg and bought candy and snacks. I thought, again about how these kids are so free, so safe. I imagined them all walking home at 11pm, in the day light after the movie, and then thought again that even if it were dark they are used to going about their business without light as well.

When the movie let out, there were a handful of parents there to pick their children up, but the majority made it home on the their own. What a gift.