Monday, July 20, 2009

Grilled whale and beach bbq´s

Well, it was another beautiful summer weekend in Iceland.

On Friday afternoon, Jacob headed out on a boat with Birkir (we met him in the Thai restaurant in September!!!!) He caught about 20 cod and brought several back. At around 8pm we packed the car and headed to Skálavík - a beautiful bay past Bolungarvík. You go through a long valley which opens up into a beautiful sand beach, strewn with large rocks and sand dunes in the background. The sun was high in the sky but we are beginning to see a semblance of a sunset - the colors changing and the reflection on the sea narrowing.

We went with Tanja, her mom visiting from Hong Kong, Astrid and Traian. Jacob brought VERY fresh cod, Tanja and her mom brought whale, there was salad and potatoes - perfect. Fresh cod is like an entirely different food from what you buy in a store, the texture is completely different, hard to pick up with a fork as it just falls apart. Whale meat is as red as can be and parts extremely tender. Zelia and I did no partake, but everyone else enjoyed it thoroughly. Oh, it is minke whale - not endangered in the least. We stayed on the beach until about 11 and Zelia just played and had a great time.

We slept quite late on Saturday, had breakfast and then went with Traian for a hike. We drove past Bónus on the old mountain road (what was used before the tunnel was built), parked and headed out. We were in a very green area with a river, walked by a shooting range, crossed the river and headed up. We brought the wrap for Zelia but she was determined to walk on her own, often without holding anyone´s hand, but she really liked when she could walk with Tray. She did a lot of walking and forced us all to not think about the destination but the walk, she would sit in the mounds of grass and look at the leaves as she watched us pick and eat sorrel, then listen to the jet above, and pick a flower or two, examine some rocks and then move on. Close to the top we had some tuna sandwiches and bananas and then began the walk down.

After a good nap in the car we packed the car up again, conferred with Gisli, Gerder and Tómas and headed back to the beach for bbq #2. This time we had delicious steaks (yes still from my birthday - we have one more pack to enjoy), Gisli made a delicious plaice, we had grilled carrots, truffle cheese I brought from the US, built a fire on the beach and ate Gerdur´s delicious french chocolate cake. Zelia so loves to be with them that Jacob and I can walk away completely out of her site and she doesn´t care. She played in the sand, digging, finding rocks, throwing her ball, it was glorious.

There are terrible flies here though, ugh, the wind would pick up and we would be gratefully. They just swarm but thankfully do not bite.

On Sunday we headed out to Suðureyri, to play and to swim in their pool. It is outdoors which is really nice, plus they have 2 hot pots and a warm shallow kiddie pool - all their water comes from a hot spring, lucky fellas! We ate some P&B - Zelia´s first and then drove for a long time waiting to get her to sleep so that we could fish off the pier. It was pretty cool and windy and greying, but the fishing was great and we came back with 10 plaice. I made a lemon caper fish dish, with pasta and Greek tomato salad, yummmmmmm.

Now we are getting ready for Jacob´s birthday, hummus, chopped liver, bbq´d chicken, cole slaw, potato salad, ice cream cake, perfect!