Friday, July 24, 2009

A Lovely walk in town

On Monday or Tuesday Jacob was cooking and needed me to run to Samkaup to get a few ingredients, probably on Tuesday. It was a beautiful day and Zelia and I headed out for a walk. She loves to walk everywhere now, check out the rocks and sit on every step possible. she also loves to walk up and down the ramp in front of the computer store. Needless to say it takes a long time to get places and I love it.

As we were walking 2 boys came our way and asked her name and I told them. One boy, Gunnar, was on a bike and Trusti, was holding a box of rocks. They had spent the afternoon in the square selling their rocks to the tourists from the boats and people in town. They were very neat rocks, lots of crystals, I knew not from here. They told me they collected them in Akranes. One of the boys turned to me in English and said, "you have been here?" I know that he has seen us around. We proceeded to have such a fun conversation about the rocks and Zelia and the school she will be going to. They went to that preschool so they high-fived and said it was the best. It was very cute. they gave each of us a rock for free:)

We walked through the square and by the shops and at the entrance of one an older man was speaking to a woman in Hebrew!!!! I practically pounced on them. We chatted for a bit and it was SO nice to hear Hebrew and talk. They are in Iceland for 3.5 weeks, doing the ring road and taking some times in the Westfjords. Finally! I invited them for dinner but they declined....oh well.

We eventually made it to Samkaup where Zelia now LOVES to use the small carriages and a while later made it home:)