Saturday, November 15, 2008

A blowing, swirling Shabbat

It has been a somewhat quiet end of the week with Zelia getting a bit sick on Wednesday. It was her first fever and as Jocie said a while back, you will think she has one and keep checking and then one day when she has a fever you will know! Her cheeks were completely flushed and she was whimpering, it was very sad. We brought infant tylenol so had it but have since had to get new medicine in the pharmacy. It's a much more diluted solution here so she needs much more wwhich isn't great because she hates it and actually threw it up several times, yuck, just what she needed. It seems that she got a stomach bug and we are still watching to see how she is. Before class yesterday we ended up calling the doctor because her eyes were looking a bit sunken in and I was worried for her hydration levels. They aid to watch her, and as long as she is nursing that there is no problem. So, we did head out to class together and Zelia quite enjoyed the fact that we had a guest teacher for the beginning who was there with a guitar and we sang songs in Icelandic together:)

On the way home she was clearly sleepy and she had a short nap in bed while we continued to work on Shabbat dinner. Oh, on Thursday Jacob went to town hall and told them that our oven had burnt our baby girl's hand, so they said they would be bringing one from another apartment the next day, and they did!!! So, we have a "new" to us oven which is great and the class gets warm but not hot. So, Hallah was attempted again and came out beautifully - nothing like fresh yeast and a better oven:) We had asked Danielle and Henry if they wanted to have a Shabbat dinner with us, and we were making a nice little meal. So, hallah, kalamri, shrimp and peanut lettuce wraps, Henry brought a delicious lentil salad and Danielle made edamama, oh and I made the chocolate cake again but changed a bit to the frosting which was yummy.... Unfortunately I didn't close the spring form correctly and some of it oozed out in our clean oven. It was really nice to have a quiet Shabbat dinner with some friends.

Last night he wind howled all night and it really felt like it was swirling around the house. This morning the snow is still falling and the wind blowing. You would have no idea that there are mountains surrounding us. The wind is blowing so much that there are areas with 2 foot snow drifts and then the street can be pretty much clear, except for the layer of packed, slippery snow from the other day. So, no weekly Bonus walk for us. We did send an email out to friends to see if we could tag along with them if they go this weekend.

Jacob and I just had a delicious breakfast of fried eggs with a slice of "fried" hallah and coffee, yumm. Nothing really planned for today, Jacob is working (we just got a call and we will be heading to Bonus later), mostly hanging around the house. Maybe I will get some knitting done.