Saturday, November 29, 2008

Lovely Shabbat

We had a really nice Shabbat dinner last night with the leftover soup from Thanksgiving and delicious sweet rye bread (rugbraud) with Danielle and then decide to take a walk, gongutur. We got Zelia ready for bed and added wool clothes and Jacob wore her all cozy and warm. We decided to walk by Gisli and Gerdur's house and Gisli happened to be outside getting ready to go to the dump. So we asked if they wanted to go for a walk and we all headed out for about 40 minutes. It was cold and began to snow lightly and it was perfect. On the way back Gisli ran to Samkaup and bought some cream and we headed back to their place for hot chocolate (with a little rum) and cookies. A delicious Isafjordur fig newton...

this morning is it VERY cold and Gisli came to get Jacob at 10, Danielle went with, and they headed to the next fjord over to hunt ptarmigan. Gisli has hunted 5 and would like 5 more for Christmas, a family tradition and he would like to make ptarmigan pate.

Later today there is going to be the town Christmas tree decorating and lighting, plus a market in the center put on by the music school. I think most people will be there and it should be a great time. We will take lots of pictures and get them up here later.

On a side note, I feel like my Icelandic has taken a big jump and I ma beginning to speak and make myself understood, yay. Also some big news is....apparently Isafjordur needs an English teacher in the high school....hmmmmm. Will you keep you posted.