Wednesday, November 12, 2008

half dry, semi rotten fish

Last night was the much anticipated dinner at Gerdur and Gisli's house where she was preparing for us the half dry, semi rotten haddock. In preparation for the evening I made a lemon cake. Don't ask, I have no idea what has gotten into me with the baking, but it's been fun.

On Monday, I took Zelia to rehearsal, but since Jacob does not have class this week he came 2 hours in and took her for a walk so that Katri and I could really work. And boy did we work! What a great rehearsal. yay. In the evening Jacob made delicious lobster tails and then I headed out to the knitting group. It was great and I finally was able to continue working the sock - I was stuck on the heel. Also, while I was out Jacob was able to put Zelia to sleep which was wonderful. then she proceeded to have the best night's sleep in a long time.

Yesterday, before we went to Gerdur's house we did go swimming with Sunna and Stephan which was very nice and we also hung out in the hot pot a bit. We returned for a little nap and glaze making for the cake and were off.

When we arrived at their house the half dried, semi rotten fish was on the counter and Gerdur was using a big knife to cut of the fins, which by the way Zelia loved sucking on:) Water was boiling on the stove waiting for the fish, another pot had potatoes in it, on the counter was rugbraud (a kind of bread with a lot of molasses - story...On Monday night Jacob and I walked to the bakery after class to get 1/2 priced bread (after 5:30) and we bought this bread and kept arguing about whether it was cake or bread, it was SO delicious and sweet. Turns out it is the bread of choice for eating with fish and butter, who knew?), oh and fresh fish as well. The half dried, semi rotten fish is prepared by hanging it out at sea to dry in the salt air. The smell was pretty mild I have to admit and I was a little relaxed by that. Then Gerdur said there is also fresh fish and "we like to eat that with melted sheep fat". Well, melted sheep fat, for me, is FAR worse than some rotten fish!!! I smiled. Once at the table, everything was served and we dug in. I had one of the thinner pieces of fish which was thoroughly dried and it tasted fine, had a good texture. We were told to melt the butter on top of it, get some potatoes and bread and eat! They put margarine on everything here!!!! So, it wasn't putrid as I had expected and I could get it down without work. Their son Tomas was eating with us as well, he is 15, but he doesn't eat this fish, so enjoyed the fresh fish. Apparently here in Ifasjordur the sheep's fat is usually a bit rotten as well, but Gerdur doesn't like that so the on on the table wasn't. That, I passed on. So, the final verdict, Jacob and I agreed we would eat it again if put on our plates at someone's house, but we would not make it ourselves or order it out:)

Something to note, this is the second time we have eaten dinner at their house and no vegetables were served...not sure if this is an Icelandic thing or just them, or just these two dinners...

We ate the lemon cake afterward and enjoyed that:)

Jacob has been sick all week and still not feeling great and the last few days I developed something in my throat and chest. This morning Zelia woke up and just isn't right. We headed to the moms' group but left early (I took the other lemon cake loaf there) and took a nap together. When Jacob came home for lunch and she woke, her cheeks were very flushed and she was quite warm. So after taking her temp and giving her tylenol she seems to be feeling better. As a matter of fact she was VERY giggly, not something she usually is, so here are some videos of it:)

The pictures are:
election celebration cake, chocolate butter cream - w/o butter cream yet....
Zelia hanging out in the kitchen getting ready for bed
Zelia in a pot