Tuesday, November 4, 2008

the light is going...

Big day today and we are hoping and anxious and excited for Obama!!!! But also very sad for his loss.

I wore my Barack and Roll shirt yesterday to class and the Danish student, Pavla said that the Danes are VERY interested in this election and have been watching it closely. She also said that a poll there showed that 75% of them would vote for Barack, please, oh please let the US do the right thing on this one. I remember the last election so well, I was holding out for Ohio, standing with the teachers from Insituto Alberto Einstein waiting to march for Fiestas Patrias. Francesca and I were back and forth on the phone, hoping and hoping,...change this time.

Apart from politics on the brain, my pilates class is not doing well. I mean, the 2 students who come faithfully are great, Tanja and Danielle, and we have a good time, but it's not enough people to make money. Oli, the owner of the space said he would advertise it some more, I hope it happens...

By 8am I was home and there was NO light in the sky yet. At 9am it was beginning to lighten, but was not fully lit even by 9:30. At that point Z was ready for a nap so we slept for two hours. I am happy to report that it is noon and there is light, ahhhhhhh. It's not getting dark super early yet so that's helpful.

On Thursday I begin rehearsing with Frederik whom I met when we went to Dynjandi (the waterfall) with Terri, so am looking forward to that.

Since there is no more swimming until January, I will be heading to the pool this afternoon, hopefully with Sunna to get the babies in the water and keep them comfortable there.