Wednesday, November 5, 2008

It's a beautiful morning....

and it has nothing to do with the weather...what a night. Jacob was up every hour or so checking the news and coming back to bed with reports like, Obama got FL, Obama has Ohio, etc, fabulous.

People here are excited and relieved as much of the world does, it's a great day in history. We watched some of the videos on showing the celebrations in Roxbury - it made us both cry. The feeling that something SO big has happened is huge, palpable. I can already imagine speaking with Zelia in many years about this day.

I do have to say that I am rather distraught however at what we have done with the bans on gay marriage - in one moment to both elect our first black president and take away the rights of an entire group of people, a vicious attack on gay rights, I am shocked and disappointed. We will work to change this as well, of course.

I have been totally exhausted the last 2 days, don't know why. Went to the parents group this morning and the good news was that amidst a conversation in Icelandic I understood enough to know they were talking about knitting socks, yay. Don't ask me any more, I have no idea.

Zelia slept for 2.5 hours which is great and woke up clicking her tongue - a new trick. So here is a 4 minute video in which she eventually does it but it takes a while. Oh, the other thing she clearly has learned is that "Shafan" bunny in Hebrew is her bunny. This morning when she woke, I asked her where the shafan was and she turned and turned until she found it, crawled to it, picked it up and smiled:)