Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Christmas is coming

Slowly, slowly the lights are being hung around town and on houses. It is SO welcome in this darkness to see the pretty lights everywhere. I get a real sense of why all these light celebrating holidays occur at this time. I mean, I have know it intellectually, but I really feel it this year. Other than the lights, the bakery has a special Jolabraud (jola is Christmas in Icelandic) and lots of piparkokur (gingerbread cookies). Also the hotel restaurant and Edinborg House have something called a Jolabord, which is a huge Christmas buffet. It's really a Danish tradition that has been adopted here just in the last several years. We will be going to one at the hotel Nupur, where Jacob stayed his first night here, on Dec 6. We will go and spend the night and enjoy this huge buffet which will ave Icelandic and Danish specialities. Looks like a lot of smoked things...

Jacob said today that he didn't realize how much light we had lost these two weeks while not in class...

We went swimming today with Haeti, her mom Segga and her son Alexander. The water was really warm and Zelia was more relaxed than ever. Of course, by the time we got out she was exhausted and had a total meltdown while getting dressed. Once we got through that and into the stroller she fell fast asleep for just over 2 hours! Fabulous.

Segga was heading over to the nursing home and was going to find out if they had knit any more of these very fine woolen undershirts for babies. They are really nice and warm and beautiful:) If I get some I will put up a picture.

These are three videos we took tonight, trying very had for Zelia not to notice because the minute she does she goes right for the camera and stops what she is doing. So, the first is her eating sweet potato - yay finally something other than cheerios and tofu. She is not really into food these days. The second is her discovering she is being filmed and the third is her playing alone which is what we were trying to capture all along.