Tuesday, November 18, 2008

So dark

Katri says November is really the worse month, it feels long and dark and with no break...We at least have Thanksgiving to look forward to but it's not really the same preparing for a holiday without the rest of the community doing the same.

It is 8:51 and pitch black outside. I did go and teach pilates, which ended up being yoga. Usually I feel energized and ready for the day but this morning the bed is calling. It will begin to get light around 10 and then begin to get dark around 4:15. I think the sun is already not coming up over the mountains, but then again it had been grey so it's hard to tell. If it does, it only comes for a short time in the afternoon. There is a heavy dusting of snow on the ground, but no promise of anything serious, too bad - it would brighten up the place.

In about an hour we will head to rehearsal and then to the University for our little performance and then I am thinking a nap would be nice:) Glad that there is nothing planned for tonight, although we will go swimming at some point after 2pm.