Friday, September 19, 2008

Arrival in Iceland

Wow, we are here, finally after 3.5 weeks at home without Jacob. Ima, Zelia and I arrived in Kevlavik yesterday in the morning after an easy 4.5 hour flight. We all slept for most of the flight since we had already had a delicious dinner with Aba outside security in terminal E. I recommend it next time you are there. We were traveling with 5 50lb bags, 2 carry-ons, a computer, a stroller and a baby and a bit anxious checking in. The ticket agent didn't even blink, yippee. We landed around 6am (Iceland is 4 hours ahead of EST) and went through security with our carry-ons before passport control where they also collected all water and soda bottles. We got to baggage claim and mistakenly passed on the large duty free grocery store before heading out. We tried to buy some alcohol on Jacob's request in Boston to bring but we were not allowed to do that for Iceland. We really should have bought some before leaving baggage but it was too much to think about after the trip. We exchanged some money, found our bus and loaded on to get to the bus terminal in Reykjavik where we switched to a mini-bus to the airport. When we were landing the pilot told us that winds wer blowing at 30 knots! and we felt it when we stepped outside, wooooooo. We were quite a sight with so much baggage and Zelia all wrapped up. We were there quite early for our flight and ended up getting on an early flight. The plane was not too big, held about 30 people.

The flight was fine, a bit windy so some bumps and as we were heading back down the view was very cool - the landing was better. We got our things, called the University Center to try and find Jacob and he had already called so was there with a friend to pick us up!!! We stepped outside to be faced by a mountain risingout of the sea like a wall - spectacular. the mountains are totally bare, not a tree in sight and incredibly steep. The tops were all cut off by glaceirs long ago. To get us and our baggae home two trips had to be made, but each trip took only about 10 minutes.

The apartment is great, prefect size for us. It has been lived in by many people and quite worn, but we are in the process of organizing and cleaning it and it will be home yet! After hanging out here for a while we went for a 4+ mile walk with the stroller to the larger, cheaper market. I love seeing supermarkets in new places. You first walk into a refrigerated room that holds all the produce and later there is one for meats and dairy. We did a nice shopping and of course I was taken with all the yogurts!!!! yummmm...I am in the process of tasting them all. why is yogurt in other countries always so much better than in the States??? The wind was blowing hard and my ears hurt but the scenery was amazing. The town is in the fjord and the mountains surround us with the ocean coming in. You can see carved into the mountains where the treams run with the snow melt. there are some streams now with fresh spring water coming down.

After taking a nice nap we began making baby food and dinner. Pork chops, pasta with wild mushrooms picked by Jacob and some salad - from kosher home to pork chops, well you have to live where you are I say! blueberry yogurt was dessert, delicious.