Tuesday, September 30, 2008

September 30

Wow, what a fantastic day! So full and beginning to feel like life is taking shape here.

The day itself felt really different than it has, the air quite a bit colder, the frost or snow coming further down the mountains, at times the clouds hanging incredibly low and even a few snow flakes falling. After the gym this morning, while Jacob was in class, Zelia and I took a very long and delicious nap. With Danielle we ate some left overs from last night and then spent some times together as a family. Jacob headed back out to do work and we eventually headed to our second swimming class.

Right away Zelia was smiling at the babies and the parents and was so happy when we got into the water - what a difference familiarity can make. Today we went under the water several times and she did great - no tears! I am beginning to get to know some of the moms a bit more and was told that at the end of the course we will all be going to Flatery, another town, to their swimming pool with a photographer. Fun.

As we were dressing to leave the teacher, Gubny, let me know about a mommy and me group that meets at the church on Wednesdays at 10:30 - perfect, we will be there!!! we are back at home and Zelia is of course outside, bundled up fast asleep after her hard work in the pool.

More observations: many of the middle aged women (don't ask me what I really mean by that) wear their hair quite short, many women have tattoos. The cars here are not small, lots of SUVs for the weather, I see a ton of Toyotas, Kias, Subarus, Skoda, Hyundai, only 2 Hondas so far and an Opel every once in a while. Some of the trucks are like monster trucks - I think they are VERY necessary in the winter.

There are 2 kindergartens here, one more traditional, I was even told that the boys and girls are often separated and the other, I can't remember the name right now. If someone can, please email me. It's Italian, focused on self discovery and student lead...AHHH found it, Reggio Emilia. Excellent, maybe I can go and observe one day.