Friday, September 19, 2008

Day #2

Well we managed to sleep pretty well, Zelia as well, who ended up sleeping until 9:40am!!! I have to mention the howling wind that began at night and continues now. Jacob was off in class giving his group presentation and eventually Ima and I woke up and had some coffee. by the time Zelia woke and we all ate and got dressed, Jacob returned and we planned Saturday and then went for a walk in town to do some errands.

We walked by the ships to Jacob's school, met Peter, the director of the University Center. By the way, I thought it would take a very long time but we have already left Zelia sleeping in her stroller outside when going into stores, etc. She was happy as a clam all bundled up against the wind. We found a nice store with lots of great cold weather clothes and a great pair of boots, sweet:) We got some lunch at one of the two bakeries, grilled sandwich, hot chocolate and tried 2 pastries for dessert. Tonight we are going to a restaurant which is next door to the maritime museum, Jacob said he had a meal there that was one of the best he has ever had!!! That's a big deal. Anyway, they close for the winter so this is one of the last chances now. We did a few more errands, found the pool and headed home in time for Zelia to get out and play.

Now Jacob and Ima are working, cleaning and organizing and Zelia is VERY busy exploring the apartment. She just had lunch and is getting her old favorites, tomatoes, pees, sweet potato and brown rice - not bad! She is even getting very good at going up and down the step into the living room and bedroom.

Dora, the landlady has been here with ther daughter. Dora is originally from Germany but has been living here sine the 80's and loves it, although she now lives on a farm in the south of the country. Her friend Betty is a sheep farmer and tomorrow we are going to her farm, about an hour away to help gather the sheep in for the winter. It has so far been unusually mild here and Betty explained that it will be harder to get te sheep in because they are not that cold yet:) We leave at 8am. the weather is supposed to be pretty stormy so we'll see how it goes. Betty will have food and coffee for everyone who helps. Then in the afternoon , when we return there is a music event. The music school in town is celebrating its 100th birthday and all day tomorrow there are chamber music concerts in people's homes - how neat. We want to be able to see some of them.