Thursday, September 25, 2008

Thursday Sept 25

Well, Ima left yesterday. Zelia and I walked Ima to the bus, which for 500 krona took her to the airport for her 9:30 flight. As reported, she got to Reykjavik and went by bus to the 66*North outlet, but bought in the regular store in the end. Later she discovered that there is a trip to the Blue Lagoon which will get you to the airport on time. Make note of this if you come and bring a bathing suit.

I had a meeting with Ola and another physical therapist about teaching pilates in their space. I had been hoping to teach them tomorrow in the morning but haven't heard back from them. Next week....

The weather continues to change abruptly and we are slowly making our new home- homier with the help of the sales at Husasmidjian (hardware store in town). Tomorrow we go to our swimming class but first to an open lecture about viking weapons and fighting. There is a man here, a PhD from MIT doing research, so fun!

I joined the gym today and worked out some. Man am I weak!!! The gym is small with equipment in every corner. kind of reminds me of the gym I went to in NY, run down but good enough:)

Zelia is trying more new food, tofu, soy beans, chickpeas and now chunks of sweet potato which she has succeeded in getting in her mouth! yay. I will try to post a video of it. Look for swimming photos tomorrow as well - in a superwoman bathing suit - oh yah!!!

It's great chatting with so many of you online, so nice to stay in close touch.

We will be cooking for Rosh Hashana on Monday as we invited the entire program with another student Danielle - we hope there is horseradish sauce around here.