Sunday, September 21, 2008

Daily Life

Just some thoughts after returning from a walk in the little Isafjordur forest. By the way apparently the land used to be filled with Aspen, but were cut down by the vikings and now there are almost no trees. The evergreens here are not native. The forest is just a little place with a nice trail where we went mushrooming today. Zelia is eating dinner, I vacuumed and Jacob is making mushroom pasta with chicken, yummmm.

So, the air is very dry here, so we wash our clothes and hang them in the little wash room and the bathroom. We washed our first load of diapers and hung them and they too dried within the day - thank you Kathie and Paul again for the fabulous diapers!!! To buy disposables here are extremely expensive!

Happily the place is well heated and I am not nervous about being cold this winter as I had thought. Some things we are happy to have and recommend for anyone coming to visit: rain gear, pants too, good gloves, hand and face cream, hiking boots that are water proof or else also bring rain boots, a great hat that covers your ears. Of course a liter of alcohol from the duty free when you land:) I am sure we will think of more as we get to know things better here.