Monday, September 22, 2008

shopping in Isafjordur

Well this is a small town but there are a few VERY nice shops - many of you would be happy to find some fabulous clothing!!!

There is a great sporting clothier with fabulous items. There are a few Icelandic brands that are great one is called 66*North. Ima and I checked out one of the two boutiquey stores in town and there were some GREAT things, different brands several from Denmark and although expensive not that expensive, yay. The other one we haven't checked out yet. We did go into a gift shop that had really neat things as well.

There is a funny mixture here of remoteness but then cosmopolitan feel all at the same time. I really like this combination.

I walked to the hospital today, because I heard there was a swimming pool there as well. As it turns out they are starting a baby swimming class tomorrow!!!! What timing. unfortunately we will not be able to begin tomorrow since we are taking a bus to another town for Ima's last day. The class also meets on Fridays so watch out Zelia will be wearing her wonder woman bathing suit - I will take some pictures:)

Jacob made a delicious soup today for lunch, like the soup we had at the farm, meat, kidney beans, tomatoes, onions, carrots and some skyre, then for dinner he made mac and cheese in our new casserole dish - not a bad food day.

I have to check out the gym!