Friday, September 19, 2008

Day #2 continued

I had to get back on and describe the delicious meal we just had. Jacob has been talking about a great meal he had before his program started and checked many times that the Tar House would still be open. It closes for the winter. And yes it was open. So we headed over there, through heavy wind and rain and got there pretty soaked. I was luckily pushing the stroller so my pants were protected. Ima and Jacob were not as lucky. We were the first people there and walked under a wood beamed, very low ceiling to a long wooden table. We parked the stroller and began to get settled. The owner, a woman came over and saw Ima's wet pants and insisted that she take them off and put on another pair, which she did, in the restaurant!!! She took Ima's pants and hung them in her house we think.

The bread came out with butter and pesto spreads and Zelia was eating her brown rice, sweet potato and pea meal. The first coarse had two dishes: a traditional Icelandic fish stew and a Spanish fish stew. Now this isn't a stew in a bowl with broth but a thick stew that sits on a plate with a slice of very dark bread. The Icelandic one had potatoes and leeks and the Spanish one was made from a salt cod. Both were almost paste like in consistancy and very good. Zelia seemed pretty interested so she got to try some and LOVED it. She ate a good amount of the Spanish one which was pureed. Her first protein, it was very cute. We even got extra for her. I'm not sure she would have stopped eating had I not cut her off:)

Next we were served two thin slices of smoked duck, plated with arugala, parsley and balsamic drizzle. Even I liked it and I don't like duck. Finally, two large cast iron frying pans were brought out and placed on stone trivets. The first had plaice and halibut, potatos, tomatoes and lemons. The second was wolf fish served in a picata like sauce but with mustard as well and a salad with grapes. yummmm. We finished it off with some tea, coffee, after 8 chocolates and another chocolate which was very good as well. Zelia had fun crawling around the place and flirting with some of the tables.

Our walk back was less windy but not less rainy and we are all now in fleec pants warming up. Zelia is ready for bed and Ima is making sandwiches for tomorrow. We have to get up early so it's time to get to bed.

good night