Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Arnice 2009

April ended very sadly as we flew to Chicago for GG's (great grandmother, Arnice) funeral. Thankfully, Jacob had just been to NH and had a wonderful visit with her. She was walking around, pushing Theo in her wheelchair, talking and enjoying the large dinner Jacob made for her and the family. On Sunday morning, before her stroke, Jacob was telling me all about the wonderful weekend with her on the phone. She suffered from a major stroke that morning and was made comfortable by her family and health care providers. After a week in hospice care, during a visit with her friend and Rabbi, she died.

We all gathered in Chicago, her hometown, to honor her life, the city she loved, the beauty she enjoyed surrounding herself in and the family she adored. The funeral was thoughtful and caring and warm and Jacob and I felt we knew her a little better after hearing other's memories and stories. In her death we all grew to love her even more and I think that that is a beautiful thing.