Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Loving life outside

Yesterday, while we were in the living room with the door open Zelia took it upon herself to head outside and explore. As it became clear that she wanted to do more and more we put her pants, shoes and sox on. She loved looking at all the seedlings Ima planted and wondering (it seemed) if she should step off the porch. We headed to the playground for a little bit, until she kept saying Daddy, Daddy. So I told her we are going habaita (home) and she said habaita! I cannot believe how much she is copying words we are saying. I really didn't expect this language development to happen especially since she is hearing so many languages. So much fun.

After quite a difficult several months Zelia had a good day at Harpa's today - I was elated and Harpa relieved!!!!! She even ate while there and when she was asked to give some cheese to another girl in Icelandic, she did:) For the last week I have been fairly convinced that she understood Icelandic and Hebrew very well but I didn't think English so much. However when I walked in and heard about her day I joked that she even had her socks on (she always takes them off) and the minute I said it she looked down and pulled them off - so I guess English is in too.

I LOVE that they spend an hour and a hlaf outside playing when it is nice out - an hour and a half, excellent! After an outside nap and hanging out at home she brought me her shoes (indicating she wanted to go outside) and we walked up and down the sidewalk looking at the grass and the rocks, laughing and making monkey sounds and gestures (she scratched under her arms and pats her head - heeheehee).

I am amazed by how much her world has opened up with the walking - she is having so much fun exploring and seeing and looking more at people and the cars passing by and the cracks in the walk and the areas of gravel. So wonderful to see.


9uy said...

I miss the time when I had to go outside with sun block. I´m still waiting for them to come...