Tuesday, May 5, 2009

great grandmother Fran

Sunday night, Ima, Zelia and I had a very nice dinner with Gisli and Gerdur, where it became clear that Zelia understood Icelandic. We were sitting at the table and Gerdur asked her if she wanted to go upstairs to see the fish (in Icelandic) and she leaned back, looked up the stairs and pointed!
I was so glad for Ima to meet them as they are such a big part of our lives here. Then on Monday we went to visit Sigga, Eduard, Heiddi and Alexander and had a great visit there while Zelia and Alexander played.

On Tuesday morning Ima, Zelia and I took a van from our house to Isafjordur airport, onto a bus to Thyngeri airport. The weather and or visibility kept the plane form landing in Isafjordur. The take off was no party but the fight is short and we landed in Reykjavik and just made our bus to the blue Lagoon where we decided to spend 2 hours before heading to Keflavik. The Lagoon was lovely but VERY windy and Zelia was in no mood to wear her swimmies, but loved the blueberry skye smoothie (boozt) very much. We got on another bus and headed to Keflavik and boarded for Boston. Zelia had a blast in the center seat playing with Ima and putting the head phones on her own head. She fell asleep in the last hour and slept through passport control and customs. Aba picked us up at terminal E and drove us to B, where we met Jacob and headed to our next flight to Chicago. We got our fill of cold Chinese food for the plane, mmmmmm.

We landed in O'hare at 10 and were at the hotel after a taxi ride by 10:45 and crashed.

On Thursday we went to visit great grandmother Fran, Terri's mom and spent a few hours visiting and hanging out. Here are some pictures.