Sunday, May 17, 2009

Outside time

It has been a really beautiful weekend in Isafjordur. On Friday I got out of class at 4 and went to meet Jacob and Zelia and we went to Samkaup for a few ingredients for dinner. I hadn't made Hallah in a long time but it was rising at home ans we were going to have a nice Shabbat dinner. We enjoyed another one of Baki and Angie's gift steaks - delicious. And we discussed how this was the best present EVA!!!! On Saturday morning we all played/worked in the garden for a short while and then went to music time at Edinborg. In the afternoon, when Zelia and I woke from our nap (Jacob kept sleeping, he wasn't feeling well) Zelia and I walked to Gerdur's new store and helped her build more of her furniture.

Last night we had a nice dinner with Katri and Jukka. Jukka leave today and Katri in two weeks. The are excited to move back to Finland but we will miss them both. Everyone else in the country was attending Eurovision parties to watch the finals! Iceland, Israel and Finland were all in. Norway won, Iceland came in Second and Azerbaijan came in third.

Jacob left at 6am with Tray to do some sampling at low tide for a class, then need to go out again this evening. Zelia and I have had leisurely morning, eating oatmeal and Zelia has been enjoying playing on the porch.

She has changed so much with her walking. We were saying how when we first met Katri and Jukka, Zelia and Pyry couldn't play together, but last night it was great. At one point we laughed at how nice it was, the four adults were eating and the two children playing in another room! We have passed to another stage. This other stage also includes Zelia walking off wherever her little eyes lead. She has no problem walking off the porch and out into the world:) It's great but we have to keep an eye on her. She loves to walk outside and pick up rocks, sometimes taste them, but mostly give them to us to keep.

Jacob and Tray just returned with buckets full of clams and mussels so apparently we are having a BIG early dinner tonight. Zelia loved the mussels:)