Wednesday, May 13, 2009

What weather!

For several days we have had some wild wind blowing and some rain through the sun. I started running about a week or so ago and went for a run on Monday night after dinner. In a bit of a pissy mood I head out with some music and decided to run up the brekka (hill). After two rounds up the hill I continued on the high road toward Bonus and was it ever windy! As windy as it has been here there were gusts that still shocked me. Interestingly I think it took the pounding out of the run.

The next day we woke to similar weather, lots of wind and sun and rain all at the same time. As I was walking to work I saw the most incredibly rainbow I have ever seen. It was clear, bright and I could see the full arc - breath taking. I laughed to myself as just this week I have been singing rise and shine and bring god your glory glory to Zelia and she loves waking to it - so the rainbow was appropriate.

now, today was a day to behold. We woke to blue skies and sunshine and it was 11 degrees when we I check at 7:30. I do have to mention that the sun was shining at about 4 am. We were walking outside with only sweaters and flip flops. The sky was blue and the clouds were making formations like I have never seen. As a lot of the snow on the mountains has melted the contrast now as I look out is stark, the dark earth of the mountain, the white snow on the peaks or running down gullies and then this blue sky. It is hard to describe accurately, at least for me.

It is 7:30, Zelia is asleep after a long day with Harpa. I have to mention that she walked to Harpa's today with Jacob both of them in their sun glasses - too cute. AND, she didn't cry, not even when he left her. Jacob is outside with Danielle working in the garden and the sun is still shining. the wind picked up a lot this afternoon so it can be funny to walk out there.

Lastly, I began a 3-week Icelandic course that meets from 1:30-5, it's meant for unemployed immigrants so there are some activities built in. Today we went to this house that the municipality set up for the unemployed so that they can gather, have things to do and a place to go and not get depressed. It was pretty amazing. There were 3 rooms, each with different possible activities, fiber art, mosaic, computers, planting, jewelry making, etc. So, I got to do make first fiber art product, I made wool "beads". It was really fun, so I brought a bunch home for Zelia, so far she is uninterested!


9uy said...

Because of the wind, running here is impossible. Easier to fly.