Saturday, May 9, 2009

Saturday morning

Well, after two days of poor weather we woke this morning to sunshine:) Jacob was aready out fishing with Jukka in a lake in Bolungarvik. Zelia and I hung out, did laundry and then walked together to Edinborghus to get ready for the music morning. It was another great gathering, with lots of little ones but also some great singing 5 years olds. Here are some videos from the music time.

Zelia is now sleeping soundly and Jacob and Tanja are out working in the garden. In about 25 minutes Gunna sigga will pick us up and take us to Pyngeyri where we will go to Alla's farm. She has lots of sheep and chickens and many new baby lambs. If we are lucky we will see a birth. I promise lots of pictures!